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College Union (2002-2003)

In the college union elections held for the academic year 2002-2003, the flag-bearers of the Leftist Students Wing came out with flying colours, winning all the seats contested for. The election results showed that the students preferred the representatives of the party that stood for social and political renaissance and fruitful social interactions, thereby raising their voices against the capitalistic powers that were extending their stranglehold over the education culture in the state that had always stood for the layman. The following were elected as the Union representatives:
Chairman : Binoy Xavier.
Vice Chairman : Ranjana E.P
General Secretary : Shymon K.J
Joint Secretary : Dhanya K.S
Fine Arts Secretary : Sandeep T
General Captain : Jinu P.J
Magazine Editor : Rapheal Jackson
UUC : Sanal K.C

Vijith P.V, Resmi Raveendran and Mithun Das were elected unanimously into the General Body Union Executive.As per the wishes of the Union representatives, Mr. T Rajan, Mrs. Renuka and Mrs. V.K Subaida were selected as the Staff Advisor, Fine Arts Advisor and Magazine Advisor respectively.

Swearing-in Ceremony

The College Principal presided over the swearing-in ceremony conducted on Nov 6, 2002.Mr. Binoy Xavier was first to be inducted into the Union by the Principal and he sworn in as the Chairman. The aim of the union is cited as "Creating awareness among the students about the injustice happening in the surroundings and thereby creating an urge to oppose them". The Gen. Secretary Shymon K.J rendered the vote of thanks.

College Union Inauguration.

The Union inauguration was held on Nov 14, 2002.Obesceince was offered to the renowned politician, Mr. E.M.Sreedharan before the function. Prof. M.K.Sanu was the celebrity to inaugurate the functions of the College Union. He talked about the stages of evolution college campuses had underwent and even pointed out that colleges should be able to reflect the feelings and emotions of the society. College Union Chairman Binoy Xavier presided over the function. Prof. Panampilly Ravindran, the respected College Principal, delivered the keynote address. In the meting where the Staff Advisor Prof. Rajan T.C rendered the Welcome speech, Film star Biju Kodungallur, Prof. Vargeese.J.Kuttikat, Prof Sanal Kumar and the UUC Sanal K.C were among the ones who addressed the gathering. General Secreatry Shymon K.J thanked the delegates and after the inauguration ceremony, Cochin Phoenix set the stage ablaze with their singers setting the tune to the vibrant youth.

Sargasangamam 2002

This was the name given to the 3 day long Fine Arts festival, which began on December 11, 2002. The noted reporter and literati Mr. Hariharan inaugurated the fest. He expressed his anguish over the way the present day society was heading to destruction. College Union Chairman Binoy Xavier chaired the function. The note cine director Ambili also had come to address the gathering and concluded his speech by requesting the youth to work hard towards retrieving the lost tradition of Malayalam culture. He was of the opinion that we were leaving behind a very rich tradition and culture and going after westernization. College Principal Panampilly Ravindran, Prof. Vargeese.J.Kuttikat, Mr. Rajan T.C , UUC Sanal K.C etc also addressed the gathering. The College Union Fine Arts Secretary Sanal K.C rendered the vote of thanks. The following were the ones who were the final winners:
Kalapratibha : Sreejith
Kalathilakam : Suma K.S
Sargapratibha : K.V Saleesh Babu
Chitrapratibha : Vijeesh Tilak

X'mas Celebrations

Fancy dress competitions and Carol competitions were held as a part of the X'mas celebrations. All the competitions were very diverse. The Zoology Association and the Physics Association came out 1st and 2nd respectively in the carol competitions.
Film Festival
We are now going through an era where justice, peace and mutual co-existence are suffering setbacks. Keeping this in mind, a film festival was conducted in the college on Jan 16 and 17 with the motto to fight against religious discrimination. The fest was a joint venture of the KKTM College Union, CENtre for Social Education (CENSE) and Chetana media. The Kodungallur Municipal Chairman V.K.Gopi inaugurated the function. The function was presided over by the College Union Chairman Binoy Xavier. In the function where Prof. Rajan T.C welcomed the delegates, the Municipal Development Standing Committee Chairman Mr. A.V. Sukumaran, Prof. Vargeese.J.Kuttikat and Prof. Prabhasankar addressed the gathering. The film festival revealed the reality of present day happenings. The works that widely received acclaim from the viewers were the documentaries on the human massacre at Gujarat and the assault on Mother Nature at Plachimada.

College Sports Festival

The Sports fest was conducted on Jan 21,22 and was inaugurated byPrincipal Prof. Panampilly Ravindran. The General Captain Jinu P.J made the students take the oath. Jicky K.B and Suraj T.S came out as individual champions.

Book exhibition.

The exhibition was conducted on Jan 22 and 23 as a joint venture of the Kerala Shastra Sahitya Parishat and KKTM Govt. College Union.
Debate-Women and Law.
Adv. Mr. Lal moderated the debate on the controversial subject "Women and Law". He pointed out the dangers against women and indicated that in most cases, women were in more trouble due to women itself. He also gave solutions about queries related to law.

Educatioal seminar

This seminar was conducted on January 31st and was inaugurated by Dr. Rajan Gurukkal. He expressed his regret over the present day trend of seeing education as just a medium to earn a job and not properly understanding the surroundings and living up to them, which the real purpose of imparting good education. The seminar was a revelation about the hurdles that were in the path of imparting free and quality education to the poor and the needy. Adv. Rajeev was the moderator of the seminar and he was of the opinion that the poor were not able to get quality education just because the Govt. was not paying heed to the development of
education in the State.

D'Zone cultural Fest

About 30 students took part in the D'zone arts fest that was held from January 31 through February 2.University Meet In the Calicut University meet, 3 students from the College took part.


Historic Instruments exhibition.An exhibition of historic cave civilization instruments was conducted in association with the Seminar of National History. The instruments were about 200 in number and they were exhibited in the different Associations. The Zoology Association that could gather almost 100 of the equipment bagged the first prize. The Applied Physics Association came 2nd.

Picture exhibition

This was one exhibition that set fire on the creativity of the campus. Vijeesh Tilak drew the pictures on exhibition and the College Principal Prof. Panampilly Ravindran inaugurated the exhibition.

College Day celebration

This was the function that brought an end to a lively chain of activities by the College Union. The College Principal Panampilly Ravindran inaugurated the function and cine director Rajan Shankaradi was the chief guest. The College Union Chairman Binoy Xavier presided over the function and Staff advisor Rajan T.C, cine star Vijeesh, Prof. Vargeese.J.Kuttikat, Prof. Prabhasankar, Mr. Sanal K.C et al addresses the meeting. The Union vice Chairman Ranjana E.P formally wished the retiring staff all the best in their future life. Union Joint Secretary Dhanya K.S rendered the vote of thanks.